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Monday, August 1, 2016

Featured Volunteer: Taylor Maher

This month we recognize volunteer utility player Taylor Maher. Even before the spring collection season began Bikes for the World insiders sat down in a meeting and decided, we need help.

As we increased bike pick ups at condos, police departments, universities and recycling centers...our bike shop partners were also upping the ante by collecting even more bikes every week than in previous years. Looking over the planned spring calendar of community led collection events on the weekends, we knew we needed another driver. So we put out the call to hire a part time driver.

Taylor not only stepped up to fill that role, but he said, hold the check. Taylor had a personal connection to Director Keith Oberg and wanted to help out Bikes for the World. As Taylor continued to look for employment, he planned to help us pick up bikes whenever his schedule allowed.

When Taylor joined the team we had no idea how important he would become over the next few months. He started by just picking up bikes at bike shops to give Operations Manager Taylor Jones time to catch up on paperwork in the office. That quickly morphed into helping on the weekends when our collection schedule often called for two or even three drivers in one day.

Then we got the word that Phil Ruth, dedicated long-time volunteer and driver was moving back west to be with family. And Taylor Jones resigned. YIKES! Keith found himself thrown back into the container loading several shipments in one month, while picking up bikes at shops and recycling centers, and oh, while still maintaining his duties as executive director. Taylor Maher was only supposed to be with us through maybe May...and as of last week was still out collecting bikes, picking up while Keith enjoyed a little R and R on vacation.

We were incredibly lucky to have Taylor join us to lend a hand this spring and summer. He stepped up to mentor young students at school collections, loaded and unloaded bikes and of course drove through nasty DC traffic, even as Metro unveiled 'Safe Tracking'.

Taylor even dropped by the warehouse unannounced a few weeks ago to give Keith a hand loading some third levels in the container during a particularly hot DC week.

Our hats off to Taylor for his generosity and help. When some organization does snatch him up we sure will miss him around the warehouse and collection sites! Thank you Taylor!

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