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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Going Social!

One of the things that makes Bikes for the Philippines so darn cool is how connected they are to social media. This allows us here in DC to peep in on the project daily through their Facebook page. Before I even stepped foot on the island I felt like I had friends in the Philippines. It made my first trip overseas just that much easier.

Here at Bikes for the World we are finding more and more that the web is the place to be! When Collection Managers are trying to advertise for a bike collection personal emails to friends and listservs tend to pull the most people to collections anymore. And Facebook is the best place to invite friends to an event or even share photos after the collection. If you haven't already LIKED should!

In fact, while I was in Manila and Bohol I was uploading photos from that same day's activities right there to our facebook page. And back here in DC I was able to practically watch as the same group of students I had just met and ridden with were graduating from Baclayon National High School.

Some of the BfP bike beneficiaries have already graduated

It seems almost fitting that Bikes for the World is preparing to receive over 3,500 bicycles from last week's promotion at Dick's Sporting Goods this week. While I was in Manila in February, we received the initial email contact from DSG's marketing firm inquiring about a possible partnership this spring. Through the magic of the internet I was able to respond to that email via our virtual office as well as inform Keith of this opportunity while he was also off in some '-Istan' country (I wasn't even sure which one at the time!).

Fast forward to today. Volunteers have been busy all week preparing our Lorton storage site for the arrival of these bikes. Starting today, tractor trailers will be delivering the bikes Dick's Sporting Goods collected during their Trade In Trade Up Promotion.

Think about what 3,500 bikes means to us... We typically ship about 500 bikes per container. That's SEVEN loads of bikes heading overseas from just 'one' collection. Okay, it was a NATIONWIDE collection, but how cool is that? For one whole week, 481 Dick's Sporting Goods Stores from Florida to Washington collected bikes now being donated to Bikes for the World.

Mama Alex

And those bikes might be heading overseas as early as Saturday! This Saturday May 12th we are loading a container heading to the Prisoner's Support Organization in Uganda. You can read more about Mama Alex (seen here to the right) and other beneficiaries on our web page. You can also read more about the PSO and find other links on our web page.

And while you are there...check out the volunteer page. We need your help unloading all these bikes! You can find directions to our Lorton site and contact information on who to call to sign up. Hope to see you out there this week!

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