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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Couple of Cool Kids!

Ann Jackson and Friends
What a day! Bikes for the World supported three collections today at Sherwood High School with Olney Rotary, Glenwood Middle School with Glenwood Lions Club, and Pedal Pushers with veteran Ann Jackson and Friends. 158 bikes came into King Farm by late afternoon with the help of drivers Keith, Nick, and Yvette.

All three of these organizations have been supporting BfW since the beginning. I can't put my finger on the exact number, but between the three of them they have collected over 1,000 bikes for Bikes for the World. And Pedal Pushers Bike Shop, where one of the collection points was, is also a regular drop off point for us bringing in a bunch more!

This blue bicycle was donated by the Writt family at the Glenwood Middle School collection. Brandon and Megan saved their allowance and bought this brand new bicycle just to donate to Bikes for the World.

Mom Robin says it took quite a while for them to save that much but feels it's important for them to save a third and donate a third to a cause. I didn't ask what happens to the last third, but they definitely earned the right to enjoy it!They chose a bike for this collection as their 'jumping off' point. And Mom even processed it so it is ready to be shipped!
And shipped it was! Here we are loading it that very afternoon onto the container heading to Ghana in a couple days. This shipment will be heading to the Village Bicycle Project (VBP).

VBP delivers bicycles to urban and rural users, but with a particular focus on rural development through providing targeted training and sales. Working in partnership with Peace Corps volunteers and other rural change agents, VBP trainers (former teachers and bike mechanics Samson Ayine and Geirge Aidoo) provide intensive instruction to local teachers, health workers, agricultural extension workers, and other village-level workers in bicycle maintenance. Individuals who complete the course gain access to a reconditioned bicycle at a discoutned price.

You can totally follow their progress on our Website or better yet, check them out on facebook!

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