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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Update from the Philippines: Crea

Back in 2014 we introduced you to Crea, who received a bike in the Philippines to help her complete school. This bike was donated through a Rockville youth who earned the bike through the city's Earn-A-Bike project known as TERRIFIC.

At the time Crea was a junior in school and walking nearly four miles to get to school. Her father was a laborer earning a living for his family. Her mom stayed home to take care for Crea and her three siblings. Money was tight but Crea loved school and wanted to graduate and continue her education to find a path to a better life.

Gabrielle Nadler is the generous donor who provided the bike to Crea. She was just 10 when she earned the bike and donated it back to our program. She's soon gearing up to drive and we thought we'd check in to see where Crea is and whether or not she graduated.

You know- she did! Crea is now studying communications in college and is looking to graduate in a couple years. She lives in Cebu, a neighboring island where she goes to school.

She is doing well, still loves school and loves spending time outside with her friends.

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