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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Featured Volunteer: Reed Tech

This month we recognize one of our corporate volunteer groups Reed Tech. This is our third year working with this corporate group during one of their company supported community service days.

From Reed Tech: "Reed Tech and our parent companies, LexisNexis® and Reed Elsevier, play a positive local and global role by investing in our communities. We strive to make our communities better ones in which to live and work. Our community program works through LexisNexis Cares, a part of Reed Elsevier Cares. We share a mission to play a positive role in our local and global communities, primarily through employee involvement and empowerment."

Costa Rica
 Reed Tech joined us in 2014 to help load the container heading to Costa Rica that included our 100,000th donated bike. Gerardo, seen here, received that honorary bike and is using it to attend an academically advanced school where he received a scholarship. Given the distance the school is from his home, he would likely not be able to attend the school without this bike.

Reed Tech is an important part of Bikes for the World because their availability to join us during the week for a loading day, frees us up to focus on our bike collections on the weekend.

The 2016 crew, seen here, started a container that will be heading to Costa Rica this week. We loaded over 500 bikes and 2 sewing machines that will benefit several communities in Costa Rica.

While we waited for the container to be delivered on Friday, the Reed Tech crew worked to help us prep bikes that ultimately ended up in this donated shipment. They also helped organize our warehouse in preparation for our busy spring collection season, which stared this weekend.

Starting off our spring season we hosted three collection sites over the weekend. Those three sites brought in another 150 bikes. Reed Tech played a critical role in getting the warehouse ready to receive those bikes when they arrived.

Reed Tech loaded the container seen here arriving in Guinea-Bissau. Last year Bikes for the World added four new partners and Reed Tech helped us load containers for two of the same day!

During our work session Reed Tech employees helped us quickly finish the container heading to Guinea-Bissau before another container arrived that would need to be loaded for another new partner in Madagascar.

The program in Guinea-Bissau is largely focused on helping farmers and Madagascar is geared toward assisting Health Care Workers better care for patients.

More from Reed Tech: "Reed Tech employees share their time, personal talents and energy in support of local, national and international nonprofit organizations and the communities that they serve. Reed Tech encourages employees to get involved with nonprofit organizations that have meaning to them personally and offers two paid days each year to do it. Over the last two years, Reed Tech employees have volunteered over 14,000 hours in support of our community non-profit partners. Bikes for the world is one of these community non-profit partners that we are proud to be able to lend our volunteer support! "

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