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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Featured Volunteer: Robert Evans

This month we are honoring the effort of Robert Evans, and checking back over the Featured Volunteers we had to check twice. How could we have overlooked Bob Evans, one of our most dedicated and hard working volunteers ever?

Truth be told, it wasn't neglect; Bob moved away several years ago. When his wife was relocated to Toronto for work of course Bob went with her. But we didn't lose Bob.

So back in 2012, just at a time when BfW was looking to expand, Bob said, what about doing something in Canada, eh? And just last month he assisted a Lions Club who loaded their first container of bikes for our South African partner, Bicycling Empowerment Network.

Rewind to 2010. Bob had just moved to DC and as an avid biker we was well aware of the value of a bike. A neighbor was looking to get rid of a bike and he found Bikes for the World. He went out to a collection in Virginia, starting talking to our volunteers, and he was hooked!

Lucky us. Bob became a regular out at King Farm. Back then Nick Colombo ran our volunteer night and with all the kids in Montgomery County racking up service learning hours for school, he had his hands full. Turns out Bob is great with kids. Lucky us.

Actually, Bob is just a great mentor, period. Whether he is teaching someone how to prep a bike for shipping, how to safely move a bike, or how to load a container he is thorough and thoughtful.

Bob was with us when we received our first trucks from Dick's Sporting Goods. He helped us overcome the obstacles of unloading at Lorton, where we didn't have a formal loading dock. He braved the cold (we didn't know then he'd be a Canadian soon) at King Farm for January loadings. He was also available to help mentor youth at collections that popped up and left us scrambling for help.

The thing that makes Bob so great though, is simply his passion. Bob loves bikes and he loves sharing that with others. He found BfW was the perfect place to do that and he starting hanging with us ever since. Even at a distance he continues to spread our mission.

"I love teaching kids about bikes, I love meeting the folks that donate bikes and reminding them what a great thing they are doing by donating their bike and some cash, I love everyone that helps just because they are people that put their backs into what their heart tells them to do," Bob Evans.

Director Keith Oberg is glad to have Bob still working with us, "Bob is energetic, knowledgeable, diplomatic, personable, and a perfect roving ambassador for BfW internationally as well as domestically."

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