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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Carroll Creek Rotary Club Gets a Jump On Collecting Bikes

Norm Birzer, Dick Foot, Pat Gunnin, Greg Light, and Phil Ruth

Bikes for the World is proud to partner again with the Carroll Creek Rotary Club for their annual bike collection in Frederick Maryland. So far this year, they have already collected 100 bikes in this effort....and the collection isn't until April 11th!  

at Triangle Motors
Address:  1790 North Market St, Frederick MD 21701
Time: 9am - 1pm
Richard: or 203.505.7088

Rotarians Norm Birzer, Dick Foot, Pat Gunnin, and Greg Light joined with Bikes for the World volunteer Phil Ruth to load 80 bicycles on the Bikes for the World truck and trailer (an impressive load!). These bikes were collected over the winter in anticipation of the annual community bicycle collection to be conducted on Saturday April 11th.

The bicycles have been stored in Buzz Macintosh's vacant dairy barn, where Rotarians prepared bikes for shipment. We collected the bikes from the Carroll Creek Rotary Club early for two reasons: one is for space. In anticipation of a record setting collection next month, BfW needed to make sure we could get all the bikes in the truck on April 11th. Picking up early allows us to make two trips, ensuring we can easily transport over 200 bikes.

Beneficiary students in Bohol Philippines
More importantly, we are sending a shipment of bikes to a new potential partner called Darna in Morocco the first week in April. We wanted to include some of the bikes collected in Frederick for this container. Getting them into our warehouse now will allow us to send some to Africa before April 11th. Our second donated container in April will be heading to our education project in the Philippines where the remainder of bikes collected through the Carroll Creek Rotary Club's efforts will be sent. These bikes will help students in need get to and from school on time and eventually graduate.

Rotarian and BfW collection manager Dick Foot has pulled together an entire community network of volunteers to contribute to this bike collecting effort. The Visitation Academy, Mount Saint Mary's University, Frederick Community College, Hood College, the Bicycle Escape, Wheelbase, and Triangle Motors, where the collection will take place on April 11th are all currently collecting items to be donated to BfW.

Already Rotarian Tom Meacham, principal of Triangle Motors, reports that a dozen additional bikes have been dropped off at Triangle Motors, in anticipation of the Saturday April 11th community collection.

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