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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Will Run For Bike Parts

Bus service for students of Maribojoc

The latest project of the Bikes for Education branch of Bikes for the Philippines will bring bikes to these students of Maribojoc. This school district is in a neighboring town from the pilot project that brought donated bikes from the United States to the island of Bohol in the Philippines. Bikes were loaned to students who lived over 3km from school to help keep them enrolled in school.

Bolandrina family loading bikes at Lorton
Bikes for the World sent a second container of over 500 bikes to Bikes for the Philippines. This shipment has just arrived in Manila. These bikes will be going to the students of Maribojoc. We loaded this container in November with the help of a Massachusetts (yes way up there) volunteer, Joe Bolandrina. Joe packed up his car with his family and loaded a rack full of donated bikes then drove all the way to Lorton Virginia to help pack this container for the Philippines.

Joe also held a collection last year and is doing another one this year through a similar organization in the Boston area called Bikes Not Bombs. His daughter Lily did a school project on this effort and has already started collecting bikes for similar projects.

As with our first container, the bikes will be unloaded and stored in a warehouse on the main island where Manila is located. The Philippine Army is preparing to help unload the bikes and look them over before transporting them to the island of Bohol.

Bike beneficiaries run to raise money for spare parts
This past weekend three bike recipients and Director Joel Uichico ran in the Condura Skyway Marathon to help raise money for spare parts to keep their donated bikes rolling.

Results from the Condura Skyway Marathon:
1. Nino Rex placed 241 with a gun time of 1:12:57 and a chip time of 50:55
2. Joseph placed 242 with a gun time of 1:12:58 and a chip time of 50:55
3. Lovezyn placed 2284 with a gun time of 1:59:46 and a chip time of 1:37:43
All three completed the 10 K.
 Joel completed the 21K.

Congratulation to all the runners in the Condura Skyway Marathon!
I bet you all are ready for those bikes now.

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